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We are overtaking a new year's fist period. In this period, as being ÇATIDER, we determined the new Board of Manager for 2015 - 2016. click for detail

Smart and Sustainable Buildings

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Füsun Seçer Kariptaş
Haliç University Architecture Department

Instructor Özlem Güney Karadişoğulları
Namık Kemal University Çorlu MYO
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DEWALT C5 TRAK-IT Pistol with Gas

DEWALT C5 TRAK-IT Pistol with Gas is a directly determination system, which fastens up suddenly nail to the concrete, steel or solid brick and metal type materials.
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We Were at BAU 2015

We have shared our impressions about BAU 2015 fair, which we have visited on January, on January and February issue of our Yalıtım (Insulation) magazine. click for detail

Applicants are Determined at Roof and Facade Materials Prizes

Applicants are determined at Roof and Facade Materials Prizes, which will be fourth, and reader voting is started.
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International Green Roof Congress is Going To Be Arranged in İstanbul

4. International Green Roof Congress will be actualized with the "Discover the Nature by your Roof" slogan, between 20-21 April dates at Raffles İstanbul Zorlu Center. Onduline Eurasia is the main sponsor and Turkey organiser of the event. click for detail

Çuhadaroğlu 2014 Student Project Competition?s Prizes are Given to Their Owners

This year Çuhadaroğlu organizes eleventh of this student project competition. This competition?s award ceremony is actualised at 5 November Wednesday in Yapı Endüstri Merkezi. At total, 347 application and 61 project was existing.
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Candidateship Process is Continuing on Roof and Facade Materials

Roof & Facade Materials organisation is organized by Roof and Facade Magazine. This year it is fourth year and the candidateship proposal is continuing.
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Project - Adnan Menderes Airport New Domestic Flights Terminal

At Adnan Menderes Airport New Domestic Flights Terminal, design's focal point come into existence by; 200 x 800 meters diagrid vault roof and four diagrid hiperboloit funel geometry shaped "elephant foots", which carry this roof partially on check-in hall.
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An Architect; and Facade

Architect Bahadır Kul signed big projects like; Kayseri City Stadium, Konya City Stadium, Kayseri Intercity Autobus Terminal, Kadir Has Congress and Sport Center, Nevşehir Intercity Autobus Terminal. click for detail

Breathing Construction Shells

Ass. Prof. Dr. N. Volkan Gur
M.S.G.S.Ü. Architecture Faculty Construction Technology Department
1. Introduction
In our days, sustainable architecture?s one of the basic principles is to present architecture products, which look after for user health and comfort.
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Alubond Turkey, Started to A2 Nonflammable Composite Panel Production

Alubond Turkey established in 2013 via Aldom Inc. And Mulk Holding partnership and started to production. It brought something new and started to the production of A2 class nonflammable composite panel. click for detail

Shake Shack Restaurants preferred VMZINC

Shaya Group and Shake Shack stores started to form store chain in İstanbul, Beyoğlu Tunnel, İstinye Park, Akasya Acıbadem and Levent Kanyon restaurants each of them preferred different colored VMZINC grooved panels. click for detail

Tepe Betopan Celebrated its 30. Year with Its Dealers

Bilkent Holding institution Tepe Betopan started to its activities in 1984 at Ankara Beytepe Plants. click for detail

Çuhadaroğlu, Celebrated 60. Foundation Anniversary

Çuhadaroğlu Inc. Celebrated its 60. foundation anniversary with different events. It hosted its guests at Istanbul Grand Cevahir Hotel on 28 October evening. click for detail

BAU 2015, will be organised between 19-24 January

BAU 2015 is one of the most important specialized fair in the world about construction, building materials and architectural systems. It will be held in Munich Germany between 19-24 January 2015. click for detail

Energy Consumption had the record high

World Meteorology Organization announced that soil and water surface temperatures got to the highest level from 1880's click for detail

Panelsan Products will be used at Ankara YHT Terminal

Gülermak is one of the biggest projects of Ankara's "Panelsan" roof and facade materials will be used at "Kolin partnership's undertook the TCDD Ankara YHT Terminal Complex Project. click for detail

Çuhadaroğlu is Preferred at Newista Residence and Promesa Levent Tower Projects

Newista Residence Project, which is carried out by Hasoğlu Construction, is planned to be finished in 2015.
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Nimeçatı, Planted National Reassurance General Directorate Building

Nimeçatı and Nimeçatı participation Ondutek Technic Construction Applications company continues to it sale and applications without stopping.
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PonceBloc is the Preference of Prestigious Projects

PonceBloc is participation of Arkas's in construction sector, being light and environmentalist, heat and sound insulation performance, earthquake resistant and with long structure life, it is preferred by prestigious projects.
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Construction Exhibition - Turkeybuild Istanbul, Brought Together the Sector

Turkish construction sector's and region's biggest exhibition Construction Exhibition - Turkeybuild Istanbul, actualised at Tuyap Exhibition and Congress Center on 6-10 May 2014. click for detail

Hisart Alive History Museum is Ready to Open

Çuhadaroğlu Aluminium Industry I.C. Chairman of the Board Nejat Çuhadaroğlu, gave life to Hisart Alive History Museum tos hare his collection, which is build up over years. click for detail

From Now On, Environmentalist and Recyclable Steel is at Roofs

Europe's leading (based upon steel) building materials producer Lindab, after long R&D studies, succeeded using recyclable and environmentalist steel at roofs and facades. click for detail

100 % Ozone Friendly Production by Ode

Umbrella Project is actualized by T.C. Department of Environment and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) collaboration. ODE is from the first firm from insulation sector, and it completed its studies after a 2 years R&D process and it signed a 1 million dollars grant agreement with UNIDO for a more environmentalist product. click for detail

New Compsite Serie by VMZINC

VMZINC's new VMZ Composite PIGMENTO® serie's test production is completed at R&D facilities of France. click for detail

First National Building Physics and Environment Control Congress is Carried Out

First National Building Physics and Environment Control Congress is carried out between the dates od 13-14 March at İTU Faculty of Architecture Taşkışla Campus. click for detail

VMZINC Turkey is at its New Address

VMZINC firm is titanium alloyed zinc goods producer. Its Turkey concact Office is continuing to its services at Beyoğlu - Gümüşsuyu address by January 2014. click for detail

Timaş is Distributor of Rheinzink

Timaş A.Ş. is made a trade agreement with Rheinzink firm, which is existing in the structure of Grillo Company Union and it has established in 1966. With this agreement, it is the only distributor in Ankara and it is 4th distributor in Turkey for sales and application of Rheinzink branded products. click for detail

Children are learning savings in Isıcan Comfort Saving Academy

Our country is dependent to overseas, and Trakya Cam has a mission to transform individual saving to societal earning. This company established "Isıcam Comfort Saving Academy" with the aim of telling the importance of energy saving to each region of society.
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New Investments in Turkey and Kazakhstan by BTM Group

BTM Group includes Insulation company BTM, decided to invest in total 68 millions dollar in 2014. click for detail

Rockwool (company) will Expand the Insulation Market with Rockwool

As being he inventor of rockwool , Rockwool (company) is getting ready to tell that insulation with rockwool is a good insulation way and to increase the percentage of rockwool in market.
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Ravago and Beşler Textile, Established Ravaber

Ravago is world's giant of petrochemistry. It purchased Izoberrock?s (Beşler Textile's rockwool producer company) 50 %. With the appending of signature between Ravago and Beşler Textile, Ravaper Structure Products Ind. Trading I. C. is established. click for detail

Heat Insulation Perception Research Results are Announced

With the support of Filli Boya Insulation, "In Turkey's Buildings, Heat Insulation Perception Research" results are announced. This research is carried out by Sustainability Academy. click for detail